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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing services for a changing online landscape.

Amplitude Social provides digital analytics implementation and management services to help our clients collect and leverage data from their digital marketing efforts.  We develop and implement digital marketing strategies for social media, website, email, content and event marketing.

The benefits of our services include interpreting and visualizing online data in a way that is useful for making organizational decisions.  We also assist our clients in creating a cohesive marketing strategy that integrates traditional marketing with their digital outreach efforts.


Our AmpSocial service provides social media strategy, monitoring, marketing, and analysis for your organization.  We help our clients integrate current social media strategies and tactics across organizational departments and initiatives. Our custom reporting dashboards and KPI’s show your social ROI.


Our AmpAnalytics service is custom-tailored to provide meaningful data to help your organization make more informed decisions. We configure your account, Set up Google Ads, provide a full suite of reports, and build organizational confidence in your marketing decisions. 


Our Amp360 service helps you to uncover actionable insights to assess your organization across all digital platforms. Our digital analytics services include comprehensive marketing analytics, email analytics, web analytics, social media analytics, digital ROI, digital market research and social listening.


Optimizing your digital marketing efforts to drive change

We support leaders looking to transform their organization. By partnering organizations to set goals, answer business questions, proactively identify red flags, and improve decision making, we provide you with a roadmap to success.

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