Social media provides the perfect platform to help you communicate with attendees, promote your event, and collect important feedback. Our social ambassador team can help you take advantage of all that social has to offer.



We help everyone involved with your conference or event connect so they will be able to forge deeper connections and have more meaningful conversations than would otherwise be possible. We work to keep the connections going after it ends, too!

  • Highlight sponsors, speakers and attendees:

    • We’ll give some love to the people and organizations that make the conference or event possible
  • Share relevant content:

    • It’s a great way to get conversation started in advance, and allows other speakers and attendees to leave their own thoughts and start a dialogue.
  • Hosting a conference chat:

    • We can host a short series leading up to your conference or event to let attendees and speakers connect and discuss topics ahead of time.
  • Follow attendees on social media:

    • We’ll start following your attendees, sponsors, and speakers ahead of time to allow attendees to connect and build a stronger community


You worked hard on this event, so show it off! We’ll make sure you’re posting about the fun cultural aspects of your conference, as well as the sponsors, content and attendees.


  • Show your sponsors some love:

    • Social media is a great way to showcase your sponsors. It allows you to continuously highlight them for the duration of the conference to all of your conference attendees and followers.
  • Show off conference perks:

    • We’ll Share pictures and updates on all the cool stuff you’ve organized for your conference.
  • Share the hard work of those behind the scenes:

    • We’ll highlight the contributions of the people who make the conference possible.



Making aspects of your conference available to external audiences can not only drive up interest, but also allow those who might not be able to attend to still be part of the action.


  • Video, Video, Video!:

    • Video is a surefire way to get people excited about the conference or event. Video works well to share tips and tricks around event navigation, registration, session previews and interviews, and more.
  • Live-stream during the conference:

    • Sharing sessions or parts of sessions to show the value of your conference content, encouraging future attendance, and also allow those at home to join in via the platforms of their choice.
  • Reporting and Analytics:

    • When it’s all over, we’ll post session reviews, daily summaries and event highlights. Plus we’ll generate a report showing the impact social media had on the conference, who your top influencers were, and how you ranked online.

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